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It’s not just a cryptocurrency or a digital coin, it’s better – it’s mobile payments made by TYLE!

Tyle Wallet
• Tyle wallet, the faster, better mobile cryptocurrency wallet
• Mobile-first development means Tyle wallets on every mobile device
• Tyle servers speed up transactions and mine Tyle
• Tyle integrated games will create the first “Human Mined Cryptocurrency” – with some games and puzzles, people will be mining Tyle
• Tyle SDK for other developers to create apps and games for users to earn and spend Tyle
• Tyle security provides added security to Tyle enabled devices

Mobile payments made easier! Tyle wallets are lightweight because they connect to Tyle servers that do the heavy computing needed by cryptocurrencies.

Tyle is mobile first, making it the first digital coin to be developed with the mobile device as the most important piece of the payment process.

Tyle wallet is made by CryptoSecure Blockchain, LLC to be a faster and easier to use cryptocurrency and wallet.

Tyle is currenlty in the pre-ICO phase. If you are interested in participating, please contact us below.

The Tyle ICO and release will happen in three phases - the Tyle Beta Phase, an ethereum Tyle Phase and finally the official Tyle Cash Phase.

During the Beta ICO phase, Tyle will be released as an offical Ethereum-based currency. This will provide early adopters the opportunity to get Tyle at a significant discount and experience the features and benefits of the early release products.

During the next Tyle release phase, Tyle will have added app-based features, improved Tyle wallet performance and many other benefits!

The Tyle Cash ICO will be include a "hard fork" style release of Tyle on the official CryptoSecure Blockchain platform. Beta Tyle holders will continue to own Tyle on Ethereum and will be granted a "distribution" of Tyle on the official Tyle platform. Beta Tyle can then be exchanged just like the new Tyle, so early adopters will receive even more!

Does Tyle Wallet work with all cryptocurrencies?
--Currently...No, but but our goal is to make it easier to use cryptocurrencies to buy the things you normally buy every day.
Why should I use Tyle and not another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum?
--Tyle coins are designed to be fast and easy to use on mobile device. Tyle will not replace all cryptocurrencies, but it will be designed to be faster and better on your mobile device. The goal is to make it easier to use for apps, games and everyday purchases.

Our Market

Tyle Wallet is your "Go To" place to buy stuff using cryptocurrency

SDMM Market

Tyle Wallet and CryptoSecure Blockchain

As cryptocurrency users familiarize themselves with the new way of buying and selling things with a new type of money, Tyle Wallet provides an introduction to small value transactions for mobile users.

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Tyle Wallet is will be available as an app in app stores. Ideally, mobile devices will include the Tyle Wallet app when you purchase the device.


Tyle Wallet is Different

Tyle wallet will change the way people think about and use cryptocurrencies.

Our vision for the future

Expand your cryptocurrency experience with Tyle Wallet! Don't miss out on the newest and hottest blockchain technology...
It’s not just a cryptocurrency or a digital coin, it’s better – it’s TYLE! !

Tyle Wallet

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